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Business community India is the start-up of a new generation, which is about to start 11 traditional businesses, but our style of dispensing services and starting a business is distinctive. Previously, if anyone wants to start a business, he has to start with a private limited company and has to run it for at least 5 successive years prosperously and then, when the company gets established completely, it expands its business by raising funds from the market by launching IPO i.e. is an initial public offering, through which the private organization can go public through selling its stock to the general public. Here IPO shareholders may face both profit or loss if the company gains profits then it is also distributed among shareholders, in case of losses shareholders to have to bear the loss, that means the probability is 50:50, but the way about which we were discussing above is different and exclusive, here we select 1000 people having a business-oriented mindset, who are foresighted and have great vision with them. As we know that a business does not attain victory in just 3-4 years, it is hard work and the austerity of years, so what Business community do is, it first of all prepares 1000 partners and these partners assist in promoting their 11 traditional businesses, which clearly states that we have sufficient manpower and funds with these partners, now the thing is that their money is with them only, this is the first decentralized open-source community of India, where you don't have to give money to anyone, you have to keep your money with you only. One can take the partnership between Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 40 lakhs, but you have to keep Rs. 2 lakh with you only. 

Now Business community do investment field recruitment of people because it is one of those fields, where your funds will operate for you, irrespective of whatever you are doing, for example, if I say that, you buy a digital share of Rs. 2 lakhs from the market and keep it with you and after some time it will be converted to Rs. 3 lakhs and you will gain profit from it and if we invest that profit in traditional business, that means that the risk is zero, as we are already having our principal amount with us, in addition to it, we have to use only the profit in those 11 traditional businesses which we have earned, so even if our business is progressing gradually and we are getting slow returns on it, we are totally secure as we have invested only our profits earned and not the principal amount. So by this unique way as our investment amount rises, we can invest our profits in different kind of traditional businesses and can start making our income from there.          


We can observe a flourishing business from the Business community for around the coming 200 years. It comprises and related to the healthcare business, hospitals, education, banking, and finance, utility and e-commerce, also related to online payments popularly known as payment gateway, it is now very popular and it will be universally demanded by all the markets in no time.

 Basically, the motive of the community is to select 1000 partners to promote those 11 traditional businesses and where you have to keep your funds with yourself instead of giving it to anybody and as the value of your digital asset rises you start investing it in different traditional businesses, so the Business community India assist you in starting your business with assured profits, where there is no possibility of risk. It means that all the partners have full control over their funds, as the profit increases they start investing it in different projects.

 It is to be noticed that if all the thousand members promote the project, then it will definitely be a success, as we have all the manpower with funds, so we can raise the funds and earn profits and again by investing those profits in different projects, we can start different projects