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Zero investment business in India

To many, the idea of business and investment goes hand in hand. As commonly seen, there needs to be an investment for a business to start or even grow to more prominent heights. 

Let's take an example of any company that starts, wherein investors are investing their money with an expectation of earning profits and increasing their chances to win. For these investors, there is a fifty-fifty chance to receive the profits. If the business does well, its stakeholders receive the gain; on the other hand, if there are losses, then all the investment made is lost. Such a scenario puts the stakeholders' investment at risk.   

One might have funds and want to begin their own business, but the risk of losing their investment can be discouraging. 

In this scenario, many may ask whether one can do business without investment? And most importantly, can one do business without investment in India? 

Business Community India (BCI), India's first decentralized, open-source and borderless community, provides an answer to this critical question in a unique way. BCI's community of Business enthusiasts, partners and investors provide a different opportunity to do business in India without investment. 

Partners at BCI can make the investment in digital assets while keeping control of their principal amount. It's the profit from the digital assets that partners need to further invest in promoting 11 traditional businesses in India.

These traditional businesses are supported by new technologies such as AI and Business to grow further.

One can take the partnership between Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 40 lakhs, and can keep Rs. 2 lakh with them as BCI allows its partners to have complete control of their funds. The partners don't have to give money to anyone. With the profits, the partners can start investing in different traditional businesses, and Business Community India assists these partners in starting their business with assured profits.

The community enables its investors and partners to remain independent decision-makers. They are the part of the company's board where they can make important decisions on their principal amount invested in the projects and the projects they would like to be associated with. 

Unlike other business models, Business Community India provides its investors and partners complete control over their funds and principal amount. As a result, one can own 11+ traditional projects or become partners with them without investing a rupee. This kind of security and autonomy is rarely to be seen in other types of businesses.

BCI is undoubtedly India's most prosperous business community. It provides a wide array of benefits to its investors and partners, such as exceptional security, trust, operational efficiency, and seamless transactions. In addition, it modernizes the way the business chain is being managed and operated.

Business Community India is focused on revamping the traditional business models, making them future-ready through Business and AI-based technology. Through a robust, cohesive yet decentralized network, the community members can grow their business. Therefore, being partners of BCI is the best business in India without investment.