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Business Community India The Growth Partnership

This year has been the most disruptive year in the ages. The year 2020 has shown the business world how businesses can use technology to their competitive advantage and how technology has given client 24*7 access to any service. as with the right kind of technology one can do businesses from anywhere in the world.

It is an understatement to say that in the coming year more and more businesses will be using advance technology and will scale up faster than the traditional businesses who are still latching to the old ways.

Business Community India is an innovative platform which aims to introduce advance tech like Business and Artificial intelligence into traditional businesses and make them more powerful and equipped toward their ever-growing customers' needs.

BCI community is growing fast and is already investing in more than 10 different business and it further looking for different projects from varied industries where they can support entrepreneurs in terms of technology and build better interfaces and bring out more opportunities for the business to grow. One of the most important USP of BCI lies in its concept of introducing knowledge of tech people and instincts of business minds to create an ecosystem where traditional businesses can grow using technology and never grow obsolete.

How can anyone become part of the community?           

Anyone who believes they can contribute to the business the model can become part of the BCI community with completing a few simple steps.

BCI offers a lucrative option to the investor to become the part of the board itself, so there are various positions offered by BCI from team leader to president post. As per the position, there is a fixed investment to made and accordingly. So to become part of the BCI board, you need to hold assets in your wallet.

The second option is to join Business Community India via the website and apply for Community Partnership.

With these simple steps, now you officially become part of the BCI team and you are further entitled to get benefits in 11+ projects lifetime. 

Another interesting thing about BCI is that all the investors and partners are equally important in the growth of the business as all of them will be given equal opportunity in the decision-making process. The core team will be there to conduct research about the statistics of different projects and they will equip the investors with all the necessary data but the final decision will be made through the democratic process. 

Why should you invest right now?

The year of 2020 and the pandemic has changed the world a lot and the world is growing digitally more than ever. Business and AI are the two upcoming technologies which will be used in almost every business sector be it Health, education, finance etc. In the coming years, the sector will see tremendous growth and then it will become more difficult to invest but BCI is giving an opportunity to invest and be part of that growth to both investors and businesses who want to become part of the revolution.