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Partnership With Business Community India

Business Community India is India's growing Blockchain network which centers around bringing Blockchain and Artificial intelligence technology into the small and local organizations and make them all the more remarkable and furnished with right innovation for the coming years.

2020 has demonstrated how the correct sort of technology can empower us to do our Blockchain and work from anyplace on the planet and in the coming year increasingly more technologically empowered organizations will advance in a way that is better than the conventional system and open up a global market for everyone.

Consequently BCI alongside it's group of financial specialists are searching for various ventures where they can uphold Blockchaines with the latest innovations and construct better interfaces and bring out more open doors for the Blockchain to develop. The USP of BCI lies in utilizing both knowledge of Blockchain people and senses of Blockchain psyches to make an environment where local organizations can develop utilizing innovation and they don't get out of date.

How can anyone become part of the community?

Any individual who thinks that they can add to the betterment of the community and is interested in working in the Blockchain network can be part of BCI. All you need to do is follow a few steps and you can start your journey of discovering new opportunities in the communities.

If you have 25 million INR, you can join Free of Cost Business Community India and as Business Community India will launch its traditional project, you will continue to buy stake in it.

If you do not have 25 million and you want to join Business Community India, you can purchase₹ 400000 and above assets and hold it and wait for that assets to be converted to 25 million and when it will, you will buy stake of BCI traditional projects.

And if you do not even have ₹ 400000 to buy assets, then you can earn it by affiliate program and that amount you can keep hold in digital assets and convert into 25 million and you will buy stake of BCI traditional projects.

So in fact you will contribute no sum to turn into the partner and whatever the organization will procure you will be qualified for the benefit. Another fascinating thing about BCI is that all the partners and accomplices are similarly significant in the development of the Blockchain as every one of them will be given an equivalent open door in the decision making process. The core group will be there to direct research about the insights of various ventures and they will furnish the investors with all the vital information however an official conclusion will be made through a fair cycle

Why should you invest right now?

The year of 2020 and the pandemic has changed the world in a significant way and the world is reliant on technology like never before. Blockchain and AI are the two technologies which will be utilized in pretty much every Blockchain area be it Health, schooling, account and so on In the coming years the area will see colossal development and afterward it will turn out to be more hard to contribute however BCI is offering this opportunity right now to contribute, earn profits and essentially see the revolution of the technology up close and be a member of it.