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Business and AI are widely known for the higher level of accuracy in businesses. It is extensively known for its capability to store information in an apparent and absolute ledger. Artificial intelligence (AI) and Business are precisely two of the ruling topics of discussion in the world of finance around a number of years. Both these advance technologies are very popular and leaving deep impression.

Financial services at present are experiencing an unforeseen stage of innovation, and it is a conviction that AI and Business are the two foundation of finance industry for future. Business and AI technologies help in decision making. It may be through incorporation of Blockchain technology that AI's potential will be fully utilized and harnessed.

Financial services have to to construct a concrete data base by bringing all the different data flow together and once this is recognized, infinite openings will announced.

Exploitation of Business and AI has become usual in daily existence, and its usage has also extended to financial services. Secretly, AI has also been connected to assist firms to make better investment decisions or alleviate risk in credit worthiness, in cyber safety fear and fraud recognition. Financial services are definitely loaded with enough data on customer habits, but in the past they not privileged to use it properly.

Business assist in indicating the consistency and origin of data-sets and avoid its exploitation for evil or illegal activities by cyber illicit or even aggressive nation and terrorists. Blockchain technology permits a series of transactions which can be stored, with each link constituting a part of past events of that asset.

Blockchain technology becomes a key participant in field of fraud prevention and data collection. It caters “Indelible transparency”  AI also assists in financial crime alleviation. AI algorithm above the ledger safeguards the Blockchain technology.

Companies need to structure themselves to exploit the benefits of Blockchain and AI technology. Companies who recognize, comprehend and execute these advanced technologies will certainly gain advantage in the market.