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In the last decade, Artificial Intelligence was a word for Hollywood sci-fi movies. It was shown that AI is nothing but a technology that will bring the entire human race to extinction. However, we have seen that AI is truly helping most of the sectors of a variety of industry and nothing sort of its missuses have been seen or witnessed.

For the IT industry, Artificial Intelligence always showed a positive and appreciative impact. In fact, none other industry has ever been benefited by AI as much as the IT industry did. The transmission of data, software, security, and communication, the impact of AI in IT were not less than a miracle, a blessing in disguise.

Artificial intelligence and its application in terms of enhancing the security of the IT system are marvelous. Data security is always a crucial aspect regardless of the type of Industry. IT, including other sectors, store huge piles o data. Some of which is a highly sensitive customer or patient’s data. AI can use advanced algorithms and find out data theft attempts.

Improving the productivity of any system is still one of the top applications of Artificial Intelligence. With the help of AI, software or mobile app developers can write better code in less time. They can identify bugs and recursion of coding lines much faster after integrating an AI assistant in their systems.

Automation is another benefit the Artificial Intelligence does provide that we can’t ignore. The more automation we apply to a system the more it becomes able to work without any human intervention. Processes that appears on a recurring basis, could be automated to save time and efforts. Overall, it enhances the productivity of an office.

Blockchain too has spread its wings across the IT industry in the past few years. Earlier the model of the IT industry was very simple and prone to breaches. It was centralized and contained a simple server/client paradigm. Since the Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology, it helped the IT industry secure its data by providing a decentralized, transparent, and bug-free models.

It also allows two systems or two connection points to send messages with high security. To do that, Blockchain technology recognizes simple messaging the same as money transactions and that’s how they become safer. Both the communication points have to be agreed to leverage this feature. Hence, no financial broker is needed.

Both artificial intelligence and Blockchain have helped web designers and software engineer, learn, protect, and apply more, and do some highly complex tasks which used to be considered tough earlier. With the help of Blockchain and AI, a developer can automate much of their work and improve the security of data and productivity of their work.