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Artificial Intelligence or better known as AI is technology when a complex set of programs are designed to mimic the decision-making power of humans based on the fed data. In artificial intelligence, a human input might be negligible. It can also work completely on its own.

In the healthcare industry, Artificial Intelligence has already started to show miracles that are enough to mesmerize the generation that lived in the mechanical age. AI in healthcare is majorly used to collect medical and health-related data, analyze it based on the algorithm, and present the output based on the analysis. These programs are designed to make a decision or create an optimized output based on the data, recognizing and making patterns, and use its own logic.

Today's algorithm of health-related AI can predict the output of disease by analyzing the symptoms and history. These programs can be employed everywhere from treatment processes to diagnosis protocols, making of medicine, and best care tips for a particular patient.

The history of artificial intelligence in the world of healthcare is not new. It dates back for 1960 when the first healthcare-related problem-solving program named Dendral was developed. In 1990, microcomputers were developed to accommodate more sophisticated programs. In radiology, artificial intelligence-based programs can detect a very minute change in an image that a human eye might not notice. It can also recognize the age of a bone just by checking the signals.

The uses of Artificial Intelligence is increasingly being developed in the field of Telemedicine. Programs can monitor patients and convey highly important information to doctors to take immediate action. It can save a patient from fatal injuries or even death. It can also strike up the saving rate of a certain hospital. As a result, operational success rate will improve.

Blockchain technology is also blooming in the healthcare industry and making it more secure and traceable. It is shown that we can reduce the use of counterfeit drugs with the help of Blockchain. Currently, the market is stuffed with such kinds of drugs. A firm named FarmaTrust has already have started working in the direction of Blockchain to minimize the trafficking of counterfeit drugs.

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, both have the power to transform the entire healthcare sector from the bottom to the top. Even though hospitals and bigger health organizations are not open handedly accepting advanced technologies yet, but they would do it eventually and both these technologies will bolster the foundation of healthcare beautifully.