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Future of Blockchain and AI technology

Both this powerful technology is going to shape our future. Blockchain is the decentralized, distributed, public ledger. It is the record-keeping technology. AI is the technology that makes a machine or program more intelligent and capable of doing works that otherwise, only humans can do.

What future holds for Blockchain technology?

This technology has been in the news with its positive and negative speculations regarding its future. Multiple digital currency projects are already dead. The expert says that's just the initial phase of boom and bust, and this powerful technology is soon going to find its place into the economy.

Blockchain provides decentralized and widespread distributed data models. This technology is promising to make a world where data will be increasingly distributed. The critical data will be distributed among geographical areas and cloud data centers.

DLT- based government systems are already developing fast. Dubai is working towards making all its government systems to follow DLT technology by the year 2020. It indicates DLT technology growth shortly.

The future shows the collaboration and standardization of different Blockchain. Now various Blockchaines are developing their Blockchain, but for getting the maximum out of the technology, they must collaborate in an open standard.

Future of AI technology

Like computers and the internet changed our lives like never before. AI promises to change almost all aspects of our daily life.

The US Transportation Department is already making regulations to support AI-driven vehicles. Such cars will not require any driver and are considered to be safe.

They have developed three levels of self - driving vehicles. Right now, we are at the lowest level, which is Google's version of the vehicle. This level requires a human driver to drive the car.

The work is being done to achieve self-driving planes, taxis, trucks, and buses.

AI and Robotics technology will create robots with intelligence. This two technology will also bring some revolutionary changes in the medical field, especially in helping disabled people. Cybernetic limbs could be almost as useful and efficient as the natural limbs as these limbs will be able to communicate with the brain.

We have seen fully functional robots with human capabilities in some of the sci-fi movies. The robust robotic and AI technology can make this possible into the real world. However, such advancements in technology will take time.