Blockchain and AI provide a lot of opportunities in the current world and Radiology Labs are no different. This is again a field that is not that transparent and due to the complex nature of this world, not many people know or challenge their decisions. Just you need to keep doing what the radiologists are saying and keep spending what he demands. However, with technologies like Blockchain and AI, this could be curbed by introducing a decentralized system for referral flow and early prediction of the cure.

With time, even the general patterns of the cure could be predicted by the system on its own and a radiologist would just be required to analyze it and confirm the prediction. Thus, he will be able to cater to more patients and thus would enable to charge lesser. Let’s see, in what all ways these two new technologies are going to disrupt the world of radiology labs and help the patients.

Helps to implement a decentralized system between clinicians and radiology labs.

Radiology is a part of a medical system that is quite sensitive and costs a lot of people who must take it abide. The system involved here is quite complex and a lot of intermediaries who send patients from one clinician to another radiology lab charges a lot in the form of commission. With Blockchain as a technology, we will be able to implement a decentralized system in this world. This will enable a more transparent world and gradually will help all the intermediaries and thus reduce the overall cost of the care provided by these clinicians and radiologists. This is not something new but with technologies like Blockchain and AI, it seems quite possible.

Provide quality historical data and transparency to this world.

Also, with the implementation of Blockchain technology, the quality of data will improve as historical evidence of the reports will be widely available as shared and uploaded on the internet by different hospitals and labs. This in turn will help maintain transparency amongst the clinicians and radiologists. Radiologists are highly profound professionals and each of their comments on the report could make or break the deal for the patients. However, in the current system, these radiologists are incentivized by monetary benefits and they often read the reports too fast and propose something that could gain them or their associated hospital a good amount of money. With this kind of decentralized system in place, each of the decisions by the radiologist could be scrutinized at later date and he could be asked to provide reasons for the same.

AI helps predict the quality of care

Which blockchain would provide a secure system to store and decentralize the radiology data, hence with this quality and quantity of data in place, AI would then help all of us to make future predictions that could help the individual patient get early detection and cure which would not only help him remain healthy but will also help him save lots of money from future health cure if not detected so early.