Blockchain and AI are not new technologies, but with the advancement of other technologies like the internet and 5G, their possibilities and incorporation as a technology that is affordable and could be used in various fields have increased. People were trying their hands on these technologies since 1950 but seem it is only now in 2020 that these technologies can synergize and provide some value to humankind. Let’s see how it is going to transform the world of pathologies.

Transparency and accuracy of Reports

Blockchain have lots of possibilities as it helps secure the information which could not be tampered with. As there is no central authority and copy of information lies with every authorized person in the network, no one could easily tamper with the information. This feature of Blockchain could help Pathology Labs in their functioning. Many times, it is seen that pathology lab reports get mixed, where often people like to take the second opinion, but many times they think that report is good enough and starts based on it. Now with the blockchain technology incorporated, this mixing of reports would never happen again as it would be recognized basis on a patient, pathology, and report connection all through a single barcode system. So, everyone has a view of where the report is traveling and who is working on it, and what he is analysing and putting into the report.

Access to Historical Data

While Blockchain secures the information, a good track of the medical history of a person could be maintained and tracked back. Be it in any city or state or country. Many times, people are careless enough to keep the record of their medical history until it's truly required. However, with Blockchain in place, the medical records, even for a patient who is a child now can be maintained until he is in his old age. This would be very beneficial in medical cases where there is a track of medical occurrence in the past which was not that severe then but now have a big impact.

Incorporation of future health predictions

When we get access to historical data, the data could be processed using artificial intelligence and could help provide future health predictions of a person or population in general. This will help to take care of the health of the people in general by taking preventive steps. This will also provide transparency in cases like COVID 19, where a world organization WHO would have all the data about the pandemic in their system and could warn other countries of probable occurrences and what steps to take to prevent it.

Helps Health Insurance Companies

This kind of transparency of pathology reports will also help health insurance companies in deciding the probable health risks when signing in a person and then charge them an appropriate premium. Also, now people will not be able to tamper with their medical report and medical history while they claim the medical expenses from the health insurance company. This will help health insurance companies save a lot of money that goes into false cases every year.