AI and Blockchain both are being used in colleges. AI receives information about the world and things happening in it. And blockchain is essentially a technology that allows for the encrypted storage of data on a distributed. There are below the point where are both technologies are being used.

Infrastructure Security

Blockchain technologies enhance security systems in schools by enhancing infrastructure security. Today Colleges over the world are adding cameras to their buildings and sports areas. Utilizing blockchain security that offers ledgers that are carefully designed, schools can share security information across over device large networks.

Security Administrator-Student communication

The database system using the blockchain is made up of a peer-to-peer network. The administrator has control of the system and responsible for uploading student information, verifying student information, uploading result Information, generating results, schedule of lectures, schedule results display process, fee structure, sports activity, etc.

And the student is the person who is the user who accesses the system for registration, uploading Self Information, results, etc. Each student has separate credentials and can log in with it, we can say it's securely based no one can log in with your ID.

No gap between Teacher and Student

Teachers may not always be aware of gaps in their lectures and educational materials that can leave students confused about certain concepts. These technologies offer a way to solve that problem. When a large number of students are found to submit the wrong answer to an assignment, the system alerts the professors and gives hints to students for correct answers. This type of system helps to fill in the gaps in explanation that can occur in courses.

Data Security

Storing data across many computers also ensures that educational data can’t be modified without authorization. Changes can only be applied to the data when the owner provides their cryptographic keys to the network. This ensures that data remains incorruptible and immutable. Data is secure and anyone who has their educational data stored in a blockchain can instantly provide proof of their education credentials.

AI-driven programs can give students and educators helpful feedback.

AI can not only help teachers and students to craft courses that are customized to their needs, but it can also provide feedback to both about the success of the course as a whole. These help to ensure that all students are building the same conceptual foundation. Rather than waiting to hear back from the professor, students get immediate feedback that helps them to understand a concept and remember how to do it correctly the next time around.